First id of the partition

In mysql we many times need to know the first id of current or last partition to feed it in select queries. For instance, if you want to scan last 2-3 partitions for given conditions. This is what my requirement was when I wrote this query to fetch the starting ... Read more »

Git Basic commands

This is part of series of blogs Getting started with git. Heretofore we were discussing the theory of git, now lets get started with git commands. git init→ Initialize a directory with git. It is used when you have a directory of code which you want to start tracking with ... Read more »

Git Configs

Git config is something which lets you get and set configuration variables controlling all aspects of appearance and operation of git. Configs like username, email id, editor, remote and so on comes under git config. There are 3 levels of git configs → 1. Local config: Local configs are applied to ... Read more »

Git commits

Snapshots not pointers Before understanding the structure of git commits, let us know how differently git stores its data compared to other VCS. Other VCS like CVN, stores differential of changes of respective files. As shown in the figure, only the delta/changes in the files are stored between new ... Read more »

3 areas of git

This is blog 2 from series of blogs Getting started with git. Jargon to understand before going further: These are the terms related to git which I will be using often Git- A protocol which is distributed version control system. Commit- You commit a change i.e. you modify some ... Read more »